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Is there an app for that?

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Is there an app for that?

I'm curious if anyone has found certain apps or tech toys helpful in caring for loved ones with medical problems like heart failure, COPD, and diabetes.

I myself use fitbit and the mapmywalk app to stay on top of my workouts, and it got me thinking -- there aren't that many apps for caregivers. At least that I'm aware of.

One of my friends makes iphone apps for a living and he asked me what my app "wishlist" is as a caregiver. The question got me thinking, so I thought I'd pass it along to everyone. What kinds of tech tools are you using now to make caregiving easier? What do you wish was out there?

The only app I use right now
The only app I use right now (besides email) is the iPhone app my cofounders and I built: Prime ( Prime lets you automatically get all your medical records from all your doctors so you can easily view your medical data in one place, and share important pieces with family and friends. We built the app because we're adult children taking care of our elderly parents and kept finding it painful to keep track of our parents' medical data across multiple doctors and communicate it all to other caregivers. Prime can be downloaded here: To be fair I have a fairly lightweight caregiving scenario that doesn't require me or my parent to keep track of medications and the like. Really all we need is the appointment history, test results, and a way to communicate those among ourselves and other family members and close friends. If anyone had stronger needs than mine there are a couple apps I'd recommend experimenting with: - CareZone not sure if they're still active (they haven't tweeted since September 2013) but it's a well-designed app with some standard logging and journaling features - Nightingale built by an MIT-dropout Thiel Fellow, this is the best app I've seen so far for tracking medications, both on the patient and caregiver side Likewise would love to hear what others have found helpful!
Fun, playful games keep me
Fun, playful games keep me sane. I take care of my 82yrold mother who is hard of hearing. myself and two brothers live with her but only the older one is helpful, the younger is a paranoid shizophrenic who loves to go off his meds. In the 80's and early 90's I took care of grandma, old age and dementia, then dad had a minor stroke and a year later had a massive one. I've been taking care of mom since 2008, had a stroke myself in november 2012. Tried to get financial help for me and no go. So all my bills are piling up and bros are holding there hands out wanting every penny regardless of what I need. Sigh, sorry for the vent, just soo tired. Told my brothers that after mom passes I'm done, they my younger bro is my responsibility. AM I being selfish for wanting some me years?