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burnout and stressed with no help in site

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burnout and stressed with no help in site

With covid out thier how do you get relief scared to let someone come in home looking for solutions?

Briocare- PA
Technology may provide a solution

A recommendation I have is to utilize a careHub called Briocare that allows you to provide remote care whether you’re living in the same city or across the country. Briocare relieves family care giver stress by providing insight into your loved one’s daily life by giving a daily well-being and activity update. Briocare is easy for family care givers to use with just a few minutes needed to download the application and begin using all the unique features. All your elderly loved one needs to use is their voice to speak with any one of the Amazon Echo devices to experience and interact with Briocare. As one of several features offered, you can create a personalized daily care routine to include medication, appointment, and family event reminders. Briocare also allows you to choose entertainment and engagement best suited for your loved on to keep them active and connected during the day. This is a great way to save money by helping your loved one age in place and be a part of the care giving process. You can learn more here: https://www.briocare.us/ Hopefully this helps!

It’s really hard to let

It’s really hard to let someone home. Especially when your family, friends one by one get sick. I also used to have this problem not that long ago. I had panic attacks even when a courier arrived. Knowing that this is untenable, I looked for an answer on how to overcome COVID 19 anxiety. My research led me to this site where I learned how to deal with fear, panic attacks, and more during this difficult time.


I am interested in sharing ideas and coping techniques from others caring for an elderly parent who rages.