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Immobile mom has 2 cancers… new caregiver

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Immobile mom has 2 cancers… new caregiver

Hi all, I'm so happy I found this network! My mom was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) 6 months ago and lung cancer 1 month ago (hopefully stage 1). I'm her secondary caregiver aside from my stepfather who lives with her. They are both elderly and physically disabled.  

My mom came home after the hospital and rehab a month and a half ago and is bedridden due to immobility for those 6 months and long term back and hip issues (very limited mobility before her sudden diagnosis).  

I think I'm still in partial denial and running on acute anxiety, almost lost her a few times 4-5 months ago, major upset and unsettled feelings, recently turning to anger.   

Anyone have a related situation?   

Are there online support groups with video in this network?

Any resources or suggestions? I'm in some support communities for family members of those with cancer.   

Thank you for reading this.

I'm so sorry about this

I'm so sorry about this cancer problem, I just hope you will always be happy, optimistic and love life geometry dash scratch