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Massage therapy for 69 year old mom

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Massage therapy for 69 year old mom

Hi, my mother is 69 years old.  She is an art teacher. At the age of 55, she started experiencing hip pain. At that time, standing and walking was the only challenge faced by her. She was struggling to love her job as she cannot enjoy it.  As the pain increased, she was forced to stop the job and now she is very upset in doing that. Then we replaced the hip. She joined back to her job. But now she is experiencing the similar hip pain and significant muscle weakness. When I told this to my sister, she suggested undergoing massage therapy services from a clinic in  Brampton (  ). Will this massage therapy help her to reduce the pain? Is there any medication needed? Is there a need for repeated massage therapy? Please help me out.

There is no harm in trying.

There is no harm in trying. But I would suggest also to see a doctor and let her be checked for proper diagnosis.

I know this is an old post

I know this is an old post but I guess a doctor or an experienced physio would the best solution for her problems but how is she doing now? My father is also having hip pain but I'm not convinved massage is the best treatment. I've been reading a lot about hip pain and arthrosis. A physiotherapist and researcher from DK did some good researh about arthritis and exercises - GLAD is the name of the specific treatment which consists of education, exercises and months of follow-ups. So if the hip pain is due to arthrosis then is describing this GLAD protocol (I did google translate). I think I'll find out more aboit this but please let me know if massage had any effect?:)

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