Frustrated, depressed, isolated and desperate

frustrated, depressed, isolated and desperate

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frustrated, depressed, isolated and desperate

I don't do social media so excuse my ignorance, this is a first for me. I'm Sues, 56 I've been married over 30 years to my husband who didn't want his brother, 57 with downs syndrome with the mentality of a 6 year old to live in an institution when his mother died. She passed about 2 years ago and my brother in law has been with us ever since. It's been difficult adjusting to having him with me 24/7. If we ask him a question, he answers with nonsense, so it's hard to figure out when he is sick or hurts anywhere or what's going on etc. We also are thinking he has dementia since he's been acting more out of the ordinary. We need to find some ideas from people in similar situations on how they cope and deal with life caring for an adult with downs syndrome.

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Sorry you are dealing with that, please google resources in your community. His mom should have had something in place for her son when she passed. Good luck keep up the good work.