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FT MIL Caregiver

Hello All,

My husband and I took my MIL (Mother-in-Law) into our home 3 years ago.  It wasn't long and we found out she was going to need more medical attention earlier in life than what we imagined. She was 81 when she moved in and in the first year we discovered colon issues. 

April 2017 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, and since then we have been fighting to keep her stable, but it has not worked. Her body is steadily failing and she is stage 5, End Stage Renal Failure. She will more than likely start dialysis in March. 

In Dec. due to major bladder issues, they put in a suprapubic catheter that I have been responsible for cleaning, emptying, and measuring out put on a daily basis. Including site/incision cleaning. 

I am not a nurse. I am not a doctor. I am a daughter-in-law and I am a wife, doing a thankless job of being a nurse and doctor. I am the bad guy most days. Fortunately for both of them I lost my full time job, so I can do 12 hours of care taking a day. Unfortunately, I was the breadwinner for all of us. 

I am stressed about a lot of things. I am losing my own sanity, yet I need to keep it together for the 2 of them.  I came to this site for input from others who maybe facing these issues, and to vent when I can and hope I can give help or shoulder to another who may need me. 

Thank you,