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Greetings from aphasia caregivers

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Greetings from aphasia caregivers

My wife and myself are caregivers for my mother who is a sudden and unexpected stroke victim. She now suffers from Aphasia, entering the sixth week. My wife is more the care giver and I take care more of the day to day stuff like finances and such. We both moved into the spare bedroom at her house when she came home, and have been there since. We are having some trouble with her wanting to return to independence, but she's not quite able to as of yet. She is physically able, so we are hoping that the aphasia will abate somewhat, she is showing signs of improvement, but it will be some time. We have family, but nothing close enough to be of assistance with day to day care. The tramua of the sudden loss of income, and no longer sleeping in our own home has been quite intense, but we're starting to make some inroads there as well. It will be nice to have other people to talk with who are in the same boat as us.


Aphasia in an instant

Greetings Mightydog!

I was married to the love of my life in September last year, and in February he fell, and suffered a brain bleed.  He never said he was ill, or feeling bad, but one day  on a drive, he just went out of it.  He underwent 2 brain suregeries with aphasia setting in for the long haul.. Now for months I have been caring for him solely.  He didn't want the speech therapist because they didn't really get him.(he felt they didn't understand the things he understood) In an instant I became not only his constant caregiver but his therapist.  Whooo wee. I feel so inadequite. I feel like a failure most days. But, I keep going. Recently, I have been doing something I noticed I have to stop doing. ( I have been looking back at how he used to be, and expecting him to get better soon) my expectations set me up for failure, I think, and then it leads me to frustration, loss of sleep and I become a not so fun person to be around.  That said it's easier to say that than to do it.  I just keip on keeping on. hoping for soon there to be some interaction that is more adult in nature.  I understand right where you are... just remember, it's an awesome person who can step up for a loved one and get it all done, so that the person you are caring for can concentrate on getting better.  You're doing a great thing.