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Hi everyone, 

I'm Sofia and I'm glad to be here.  I'm a mixed bag related to caregiving.  I'm a social worker and know a lot about seniors and caregiving, I even write a blog about it,  but I also provide long distance care to my dad who lives a few hundred miles away, he is 92 years old and lives with his "girlfriend".  Dealing with that dynamic of their relationship and how to get services implemented from far away has been a challenge and frustrating for me.  He falls a lot, but won't use a walker.  Can't hear, but won't use a hearing aid device.  Shouldn't be alone, but won't get care when his girlfriend leaves for days or weeks at a time to visit her family.  We have no other family in their area.  I do what I can from here, and purchase things that I think will be helpful for him and put services in place, but they get cancelled and not used.  I'm supposed to know how to do this!!  But it doesn't always work the way I want.  I try to give him is ability to make his own choices, and I try not to bite my hand too hard each time I hear that he fell again!  I'd love to hear how any of you deal with long distance caregiving.  Thanks 

Sofia Amirpoor