Hello there. New to site, but 8 year caregiver veteran

Hello there. New to site, but 8 year caregiver veteran.

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Kevin L. Kennel
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Hello there. New to site, but 8 year caregiver veteran.

Hello there everyone. It is nice to be here. Just figured I would take some time to introduce myself. My name is Keivn and I have been a caregover for both of my parents for the last 8 years. Dad had a brain injury the day after Saint Patrick's day and needs help with bathing, dressing, food prep, toilet transferring, medication, transportation, and other things since he is partially paralyzed on his left side while mom had a diabetic coma in 2001 and has slight brain damage. Dad was able to care for her until he had his brain injury so I moved back in with them after a bad break up and then ended up being thoer caregiver. Thankfully mom can mostly take care of herself since she can walk and go to the bathroom on her own. But she gets real stubborn at times and we need to keep a real close eye on her blood sugar making sure she does not do too much insulin causing low blood sugar episodes. Also, thankfully my sister handles mom and dad's finances and we hae 2 caregivers that help us out and a woman who comes from the health department each week to give dad a shower. So I guess that is all and just wanted to say hi. But I also wanted to ask that since I am personally also very introverted and highly sensitive, are there other introverted and highly senisitve caregivers here? I mostly ask since I would appreciate some tips, ideas on how to handle being overwhelmed as a caregiver. Thank you & take care.