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Hi. First Timer

Hi, Ron here. I've been caring for my wife for over a year now. In March 2022, she had a pituitary adenoma removed and she suffered 100% vision loss in her right eye and 90% vision loss in her left eye as a result of the craniotomy to remove the tumor.

Since her March 2022 surgery, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and in October 2022, she had a VP shunt installed.

Because she has been hospitalized for most of 2022, we have had very little progress in dealing with her vison loss. But she is set to receive new glasses (distance & reading) this week and we hope to get her back to travelling and to her arts & crafts.

We're now awaiting a second clincial review by the Fedorov Restore Vision Clinic in Berlin, Germany for them to accept her as a patient for electrical stimulation of her optic nerves.

For now, we deal with her incontinence (another surgery complication) by using pull-up absorbent diapers and we use the Purewick urine collection system at night so we can both get good sleep (a little dangerous to get up in the middle of the night to pee). But we hope to wean her off the Purewick soon.

Looking forward to corresponding with this board.