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Hi, I am a newb

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Hi, I am a newb

Hello, I am new to caregiving and to this network.  I have recently left my job and life to move in with my mom to help her take care of my dad who has signs of dementia.  He has not been diagnosed due to many factors that could be the cause of his memory loss, i.e. tumor removal from his brain, depression. So doctors are not really sure what the issues are. He is currently between doctors and will be having his first appointment next month.  I am glad to be starting out with this doctor since my mom has said that they have not been having luck with them in the past.  I was not really familiar with his condition until I came home because I had lived out of state. It has been tough to see.  My only concern is that I do not know what I need to be doing with him or for him.  My main goal was to come and give my mother a break because it has just been her taking primary care of him for the last 2 and a half years.  Their relationship was becoming strained.  So I spend time with him during the day.  We run errands, go mall walking, watch some TV, do chores around the house, and I am trying to get him to read more.  I guess I came into this thinking I am going to help him get better but I think I am just managing.  There is a sense that I should be doing more but I do not know what that is.  

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.