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Hi! New Here

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Hi! New Here

Hi everyone, 

I've been the primary caregiver for my father since 2018, but most of the responsibilities were minimal supervision, medication reminders, medical appointment transportation, and financial support. About a month ago during a procedure to address his initial disability, he had a "massive" (neurosurgeon's words) hemorrhagic stroke. He now has increased support needs and I've realized I need additional support for myself as I navigate this change in caregiving responsibilities. 

A bit about me outside of those responsibilities: I'm pursing my second master's degree and am currently a full time student receiving grant funding. I love knitting, reading, writing, and doing yoga. I volunteer with a few local organizations including a parrot rescue. I spend my free time cuddling with my dog and parrot, and I live near close extended family. 

I look forward to getting to know folks in this community and to offering and receiving support and advice!