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Hope in a common place

Hello everyone

I've been "taking care" of mom's affairs for 2 years now.  She is ambulatory, with a walker, but with a proprioception deficiency so balance issues.  She lives in an "independent" assisted living facility that qualifies for Section 8 but the governor closed it down and we don't know if it will ever kick in.  Her expenses will outstrip her income soon....definitely if her rent does not come down.

She lives an hour from me....moved by the rest of the family against her will 2 years ago.  That's part of why she cannot afford her rent.  She was financially viable until the move and siblings "promised" to take care of her financially the rest of her life when they moved her.

I am seeking guidance into programs for reducing her expenses, grants/supplemental income that will buffer the growing discrepancy between her income and expenses...any other ideas.

I hope this community is active and engaged.  And, I am happy to have someplace to help with what I have learned thus far.