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Isolated on the Ranch

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Isolated on the Ranch

Hi there, 

I'm all new to this forum having arrived here at the advice of my doc for support of caregiver fatigue.  I moved away from my home a year ago to live in a very isolated location on a ranch to care for my 93yo great aunt so that she wouldn't have to go into assisted living. I left my career, my (grown) child, my brother, father, friends and bestie. Just me and my cat. I've settled in a bit now and have a job outside the ranch which helps a ton with socialization, purpose and generally lifting my mood.  My main issues are that I don't seem to be able to take trips 'home' to see the rest of my family without incurring the wrath of my great aunt, so it's just not worth leaving. I live in a very isolated area without the support of a larger population. Finding caregivers to stay with Auntie is very difficult.  I guess I'm just using this space to vent.... So this is basically my intro as to what brought me to this space. I was widowed at 45 - 4 years ago and have been living on the ranch for one year. I'm normally super outdoorsy, love camping, backpacking, rafting, hot springs and general adventures. Being the caregiver for Auntie has really changed that for me and I find myself missing my former self so very much. 

How do you all manage to take time off for yourself? This has been my main issue. 

Well, hello and thanks for having this space to at the very least, help to not feel so alone -even while isolated on a ranch! :D 

~ Kyme

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Hi, Kyme!

Hi, Kyme!

Welcome to the Care Community. I am Nichole and one of the staff here at Caregiver Action Network. 

I appreciate you sharing your experience of caring for your aunt and having to "uproot" yourself and make massive changes in your life to take on the role. I think there are a number of caregivers that can relate that experience, and certainly a number can relate to a sense of losing a part of yourself when becoming a caregiver. I love your question about finding time for yourself because that is such an important thing that we can easily overlook. I am looking forward to some other caregivers chiming in on how they've managed it because there can be alot of approaches to getting your "me" time. 

I juist wanted to pop in and say hello to introduce myself and welcome you to the Care Community. Thanks again for posting!