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Needing support

Good morning, I'm reaching out to all of you as i am new to caregiving. One day my husband is healthy and the next day he wakes up with virus and now he is no longer able to walk. Right now I'm taking this whole caregiving one day at a time. We are going on 2 monthhs.

One day at a time
Hi heinze57, I DO understand. My son had a wreck Thanksgiving 2014. He came home in 2015. There are no instructions for caregivers. My son is a quadriplegic but has extended hands. How are YOU handling all of this? Do the dr's say your husband will regain use of his legs with therapy? Have they given you any hope? You are not alone.
Mainely Rick
Good for reaching out

Hi Heinz 57

One day at a time is the best thing I've found to keep my head on straight, as a caregiver, of course. It really serves me well no matter how I use it. I've been a caregiver with my wife since 1992. She has secondary progressive MS. She has a lot of difficulty getting around. The last 4 months her MS has progressed a lot making getting around much harder. She cn still go places with a cane, walking sticks, walker, wheelchair and scooter. Mostly she used the sticks and the walker.

Is your husband able to move at all on his own? There are so many other questions that go with that. I promise won't bombard you with a bazillion questions. Just add what you like. I imagine it has been quite difficult when you have seen him go from "normal" to unable to walk.

There are many caregiver resources around including this one. I hope you can find a good place or places for yourself.


Rick in Maine

Chronic Pain

I am new to this forum.  I have been caring for my husband for the last three years.  He has multple back issues and is always in pain.  Does anyone have a sililar situation?