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Hello - 

My counselor connected me with this website in the hopes I can find some support.  I am 34 years old and currently the caretaker for my wife who is 28 years old with a disease called NF2.  She has had so many surgeries and treatments (still getting these) to control all these tumors on her nerves.  She cannot walk on her own or drive.  

I feel like we are not even married as I honestly feel like just an at-home nurse/caretaker all the time now.  Her tone and attitude is constantly negative and hateful.  I feel alone like I do not have any support for me.  Her family is all words and no action.  I am also depressed because I see what other 34 year olds are doing and I am not getting that, from having kids to going on vacations and enjoying them.  I do take my wife places but I cannot enjoy it because I am constantly taking care of her.

I know she cannot help it and I know I would want the same help if it was me but that does not make it any easier.  I feel so lost.  I cry a lot and just feel overwhelmed.

Does anyone else feel these things?  How do you cope and manage?

Unfortunately, all the pain

Unfortunately, all the pain they deal with, as well as the drugs they take, and try to stop taking, can make the people we love and take care of negative and hateful. Really hard to deal with and one of the causes our own depression. No great advice other than to wish you the best. You're not alone.