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New to CAN and Caring for Three Parents!

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New to CAN and Caring for Three Parents!

Hi, everyone!  this is my first time here and we are really in a fix.  I hate to open on such a low note, but it is what it is.

Here in Virginia, my wife and I moved into my father-in-law's place two years ago to help care for his wife with end-stage Altzheimer's, my mother-in-law is in assisted living with Lewy Body dementia, and my mom lives by herself in Maryland without a car.  My closest sibling is in Colorado, so we care for three moms.  We also do the finances for my mom, my wife's mom, and ourselves.  Forunately, my father-in-law is still cognitive enough (as long as he's not overwhelmed) to do his own finances.

We've been doing this 24/7 for two years now without a single break.  I'm 57 and this life-pace is not helping my own health.  My wife is beginning to have health issues, as well.  Even in-home health (when we qualify) will only come a few times per week.  We tried asking friends to help, but can't get anything consistent.  Does anyone know how we can get a day off?