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I had to move my mom from the midwest to Texas 4 years ago.  She couldn't care for herself any longer and my sister wasn't able to help her in our home town.  My mom was over 90 when we moved her from the area she lived in her entire life, she is 97 now.  For the most part she is Ok, in Hospice care here in Texas now, living in my home.  The problem I am having, she got very sick this summer, actually had an incident and had no pulse and her breathing stopped.  She came back from that and it is as if she was a computer that rebooted.  She is better and stronger than before the heart incident.  She is still very frail and she needs the support of her walker to get around, she has a strong oxygen tank and if we go anywhere where the walk is longer she has to be in her wheelchair. That isn't the problem, it is her risk taking now.  She really shouldn't try to bend over and without the walker she is at risk of falling, but she is feeling better so she picks things up off the floor and if she is around the cabinets in the kitchen will let the walker go.  I am so afraid she will fall and she won't listen to us.  She fell 1 year ago and broke her shoulder, that was a long and very hard recovery, we had to lift her and do everything for her because she couldn't move that arm or use it for leverage. I try to tell her I am worried she will do the same now and they won't do surgery on a 97 years old.  She doesn't see it and argues.  Then my husband get frustrated and worried that she will fall and cause all of that extra work on me, so he gets angry.  I love  her and I know she needs my help, but I am getting so torn up.  I thought I better find a support group and just jump in to see if there are any ideas or hints on how to handle this.  She doesn't always have her phone with her either and I got a emergency watch or necklace that she could wear if she falls when we aren't home (I have to work and am going during the day) but she doesn't remember the phone and doesn't wear the emergency tool.  If she has another heart incident or falls she won't get any help, till we get home. 

Just frustrated.


Jean A

I'm looking for some support, or at least information about what to expect or how to deal with, my husbands fatty liver disease. His ammonia levels go up and down. He had a varices bleed about 3 months ago,  Has had 2 banding procedures so far. Sense the bleed his thought process is off and he has become forgetful. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

Jean A
Sorry I posted to the wrong

Sorry I posted to the wrong place.  But I do understand your frustration. God bless