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New to group.

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JAZ 1950
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New to group.

I hope I am in the right group. My wife of 38 years is caring for her 91 and 95 year old parents. Both are in a care facility. Her mom in skilled nursing. Her father in assisted living, but may be moved to memory care. We lived out of state for over 30 years and 2 years ago, now retired, we moved back here to assist with her parents. Since then, they have had a stroke, heart attack, and had to move from their home to this care facility. But it's like I am losing my wife as she cares for her parents. Feeding her mom whose stroke has paralized her right arm and leg. Dealing with her declining father's memory issues. Anyway, I feel like I'm a caregiver for a caregiver. I'm getting very frustrated and feeling very put upon. Sorry I'm going on and on, but several people have told me I need help with the pressure I find myself under now. Thanks. 

PS: If this is not the right kind of group for me, can you recomend one for me? Thanks. JAZ 1950