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I am new here - found this site by an internet search.  I have been a 'caregiver' for my husband (who is 16 years older than I) for many years.  

I am getting ready to retire from full time work next week.  I have mixed feelings!  I'm excited at the thought of not having to get up and go to work every day, but I am also a little anxious and worried.  What will retirement be like for me?  My husband has chronic pain.  He has had multiple surgeries and joint replacements.  Most recently, he had spinal surgery last September - which was supposed to be the answer.  

I thought retirement would include traveling and doing many fun things with him.  Now I am thinking that I will just have more caregiving duties...


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Hello, Patricia, and welcome

Hello, Patricia, and welcome to the Care Community. 

Thank you for sharing a bit of your caregiving story. Life changes, like retiring, can be scary enough with all of the unknowns they introduce but it can be especially so when you add in caregiving. As you perfectly said, it isn't just the day-to-day caregiving duties themselves but realizing that retirment may not look exactly as what was thought.. 

Please reach out if there are specific resources you're looking for - things like support groups, respite, etc. Our Caregiver Help Desk can hellp connect you with some of these resources in or near your community. They can be reached via phone at 855-227-3640 and you can talk to someome live Monday through Friday, 8:00AM Eatern to 7:00PM Eastern. You can also click the "Help Desk" button on the bottom of your scrren to chat as well.

Thanks again for sharing!


Thanks Nicole!

I appreciate your reply, Nicole!  I guess respite and support are what I need most.  I want to take care of myself, so that I am better able to take care of my husband.