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Good Morning,  I am the caregiver for my 19 year old  son who has cerebral palsy.  My husband had heart surgery this last year.  I am having difficulty coping with the changes that this has caused.  I am very thankful that my husband is doing well, but being the sole caregiver and the additional needs that come with helping a person recover from heart surgery has me on edge.  Not to mention entering the 3rd year of the pandemic and the obvious effects of living with a person who is extremely vulnerable.  Thank you for having this forum.  I stay away from social media so I hope I can find some empathy here.

Thank you for listening & have a great day!


Some days are better than other.  The pandemic has put a real strain on doing things because I do not want

to bring anything home when I go outside.  This forum makes me realize I am not the only one feeling so overwhelmed.