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Hi.  I've been my mother's caregiver for several years, but we decided on hospice care on Christmas Eve.  Just looking for other people to encourage me and that I can encourage as well.

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Hospice care

Hello Barbie,

How is your mother doing?  Has the Hospice been enough assistance to her and you also?  I am dissapointed that nobody responded to your post of January 31st.  I just signed up to the forum today. My mom is turning 90 next month. I am her caregiver and things have only started to digress recently. I am hoping that I can get more people talking on this forum.  

I hope that you know you are an awesome daughter to be caring so much for your mom's best interest.  My own father had hospice care when he was dying and it was such a blessing to have that help. That was years ago, and my mom then devoted 10 years of faithful volunteer work at the Hospice Thrift stores to help keep them financed. I hope that you are at peace. I look forward to hearing your update. -Sparrow