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Frustrated to the limit

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Frustrated to the limit

My mother has been okay till a year back when I started being her caregiver. But now she has started showing signs of dementia and is becoming more and more difficult to handle. Last week I had bought her a medical emergency pendent but she is not ready to use it and told me that I am considering her old and useless now, and that she doesn't need any help. I understand that people become like this when they are old, but this is really affecting my health. I have this mother on one side and family issues on the other side. I feel all lost and defeated, I don't know what to do. 

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Caregiver Frustration, I hear you!

Just found this support group.  Sorry to see no one responded to your post.  So, I'll say that I know how you feel first hand.  I'm my mother's last surviving child and she can't live by herself anymore.  Luckily, her dementia is depression and loss of memory.  But she isn't so out of touch that she becomes unruly.  She can't be alone for more than a couple hours here or there. 

Your mother doesn't want to wear an emergency pendant?  My mom went through that and then she gave in.  However, now she lives with me.  Is your mother not able to be left alone at all?  It sounds like it.  It's tough 7 days a week, dealing with a situation that isn't going to get any better.  Hopefully, you have a few friends to at least talk to about it.  It is exhausting and defeating.  Many of us feel that way who are in similar circumstances.  Are there any friends or family you could ask for a bit of help?  It's been months since your post.  I hope you've found some answers to help you get through these days.