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New to the group-HELLO!

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Julie S.
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New to the group-HELLO!

Hello. New to the group and very glad I found this group. It may serve to be a life saver for me. Long distance caregiving is tough. Both my sister and I live away and are doing our best to assist my Mom who is 94. I always seem to feel guilty that I am not doing enough to help, but I am absolutely overwhelmed with all the deisions to be made. My Mom is currently in the hopsital, and we have been told that when she goes home (to assisted living) she has to have DAILY help with medication management. I am sure we will work something out, but it is frustrating sometimes. Just when I think I have things worked out....something else crops up. 

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Hello, Julie! Welcome to the

Hello, Julie! Welcome to the Care Community.

I am not sure if you've had an opportunity to puruse our Toolbox yet, but you might be interested in checking out the following:

They are excellent tools to help caregivers navigate the task of managing medications.



Hi, I am glad I found this website, I have an Autistic brother and he is 21 years old now. I am so happy I found a group of people having the same life as I have, caring for their love ones. Let us never give up on them.


You're doing your best girl!!