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single mom and now caregiver

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single mom and now caregiver

I'm new to forums so here I go... I have recently moved my family into my grandmother's house, I was just staying with her during the day but things have changed. She has dementia and we have had family with it before but I have never been the one who was care taker 24/7. My kids are awesome (ages 15, 14, and 10) they help me so much. The latest issue is, that she keeps changing how and what meds she is taking. She goes online looks them up, and stops them. Argues that the doctor never said that and SHE KNOWS what she is doing (she worked at a pharmacy most her career). I'm keeping records of everything, but she only argues and pouts. This is no where near who my grandmother was before dementia. My mother has medical power of attorney and we work well together in this. I think what is so difficult is my grandmother is a super strong, independent, bull her way through anything woman, and dementia has made this go from a good character to a nightmare sometimes.

She also has circulation problems and knows there are certain things she is not to be doing. Does them anyway. 

Anybody have any advice? I feel like I'm loosing my mind most days.