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Donna L.

Donna L. Bombard
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My name is Donna, and I am 63 years old and a widow..My mother lives with me and has for the last 12 years. Her name is Rose and she is 89 years old and also a widow.

She is becoming progressively more confused and frail as the days go by...I cannot go and leave her alone for any length of time as she is getting very forgetful.

This has taken up my whole life and i dont have anyone to help with with her care..I am responbible for the house keeping entirely and all the laundry and shopping as she cannot do them anymore.
Although i love her very much, i do resent that i dont have a life of my own at all. I cant even get out and have lunch with my friends or go to a movie.

She does need help in the shower and also walks with a cane becaue she does fall easily.

I do have a brother that lives out of state and neices and nephews, but they all live far away and cannot help.

Wish List: 
1. Someone i could count on so i could get out of the house occasionally. 2. Someone i can talk to about this and help with my guilt feelings. 3. Medical personal that have an identity with geriatic patients.