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Harriet M. Epstein
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My name is Harriet. I am retired after a 20-year career in the aging field
including 16 years at an Area Agency on Aging. I am 64 years old and
the primary caregiver for my 92 year old mother, Lily, who lives alone in
her single family home. My mother is remarkable for her age, keen of
mind, and able to do entirely for herself until recently when her vision worsened
causing her to give up driving and rely on family and neighbors to meet
her needs. Over the years her feet have turned outward, making it
difficult for her to walk without some support from a person or her shopping
cart. I take her to most of her doctor appointments, at very scattered
because of the way her HMO is structured, and shop with her about
once every two weeks. She is a picky shopper, so this is no picnic. I
am concerned about her safety when she is home alone.

Mom's favorite words are "no" and "I'll know when the time comes to...

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