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Jan LightfootLane
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I am a 50 something year old who is greatful a self help group taught me how to live. My doggie got me over the voilence of my up bringing.

My volunteer work has been caregiving, in that 20 years ago I run a homeless shelter, and now a hotline. When the shelter was opened, I treated those in need like family. I learnt one of the main things the Homeless required was someone to LISTEN to them.

When my ill and deaf mother came up to Maine she contributed to the shelter by playing card games with the homeless.
She got back alot more than she gave.

I arranged for help to come in, for her. But it did not last, and it took me 6 years to find other free or lowcost help.

And I lived at first two houses away then right above my mothers apartment. Now When the shelter closed I took home a nice guy for seven years. Charlie had a few mental problems and needed someone to fill out paperwork.
I then got him an apartment. He left us in 2000.

I finally have someone in my life. So I live a town away. But I visited 2-4 times a week and take her to docters appointments, where I hear for her.

In this time, I was her transportation, and best friend. This past May 03, Isabelle had a stroke. She is still recovering. So do not know how much care giving will have to provide.

My better half is busy nursing, and I do not wish to bother her with cleaning my mothers apartment. She is their to support me, with a "You are a good daughter" pat on the back. I do it because it makes me fell better, not to be a good daughther.


Wish List: 
1) Like so many other caregivers I would like a vaction. My dream is to take Mom and Marlene to Florida where one can swim with the dolphins 2) I would also like enough donations, of media space, or whatever; so the non-profit Foundation I helped start,can have its message heard. So it successful at ending the number one cause of Homelessness - poverty.