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CAN's Network of Programs

Caregiver Action Network Website provides America’s 90 million family caregivers with resources, education and tips to help with day to day care of both their loved ones, as well as the caregiver themselves. This site holds all of our resources, including webinars, videos, and guides, as well as a forum to connect family caregivers. Most importantly, the home page targets four different types of caregivers.

Under each of these four profiles, caregivers find materials and information tailored to his or her specific needs. Our research has shown that caregivers are more effectively reached when they feel connected to these separate categories.

Sites Targeted to Specific Caregivers

Help for Cancer Caregivers provides information, education, and support to help cancer caregivers care for themselves and their family members. Born of a unique collaboration of organizations with the shared goal of improving health and well-being of the people who care for people with cancer, Help for Cancer Caregivers is as a stand-alone resource tailored to the cancer community.

Rare Disease Caregivers is a comprehensive online guide that addresses the distinct needs of family caregivers of loved ones with rare diseases. Rare Caregiver’s resources provide caregivers with tips on helping their loved one as well as themselves.

Assisting Caregiving Employees

CAN’s Assisting Caregiving Employees (ACE) Program helps major companies and organizations provide their caregiving employees the resources they need to help with their caregiving responsibilities so that they can remain productive and healthy employees.  The program includes a dedicated website for caregivers full of tips, a caregiver stress assessment, and a caregiving assessment for the organization.

Topical Micro-Sites

Advancing Excellence

Advancing Excellence recognizes best practices in patient and family engagement, and shares these stories widely to help improve the quality and safety of healthcare across the United States. The Advancing Excellence: Best Practices in Patient and Family Engagement Recognition Program recognizes patients, caregivers, and providers who make institutional changes that improve patient care and safety.

iCAN Tech

iCAN Tech helps the caregiver sort through the new and daunting world of high-tech products and services for their loved ones. This site explains in clear, easy to understand language, what technology is available, as well as what will soon be available for their loved one.

Community for a Health Exchange provides support for patients and caregivers who are facing challenges using the health coverage they have purchased through their state Health Insurance Exchange. We offer resources and information, as well as the chance for caregivers and patients to share experiences and learn from the experiences of others. We are working to ensure all patients and their families are treated fairly and are able to use the state health exchange system effectively.

On-Demand Webinars

Understanding Medicare

Caregiver Action Network partnered with United Healthcare to create this webinar, which addresses the family caregiver’s role in selecting Medicare plans for their loved ones.

How to Talk to Your Doctor

This webinar helps caregivers develop strong listening and communication skills that help minimize frustration, improve quality of care and reduce the potential for time-wasting errors and life-threatening mishaps. Caregivers learn how to: report symptoms clearly and effectively; be respectfully assertive in advocating for a loved one; listen and understand what healthcare providers are saying; and communicate with the healthcare team during a crisis to expedite care and avoid errors.

Managing Your Loved One's Meds

Family caregivers manage medications for their loved ones in nearly 70% of caregiving situations. This webinar approaches compliance and adherence from the point of the view of the family caregiver and teaches caregivers valuable safety tips and identifies where most problems occur. It breaks down the convoluted language of medical professionals to the simple who, what, where and when of medication safety. 

Managing the Cost of Care

This webinar provides a financial planning toolkit for caregivers. By showing what is involved in managing their loved one’s finances, it allows the caregiver to maximize the funds used for care. 

Recognizing and Connecting Caregivers

Caregiver Community Action Network

CCAN is a unique and highly dedicated group of over 100 volunteers in more than 40 states. Our volunteers reach out to family caregivers to provide education and support. CCAN volunteers are all current or former family caregivers who can teach caregivers to be advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

National Family Caregivers Month

In 1994, CAN (then known as National Family Caregivers Association) set aside a week of the year to promote appreciation for family caregivers.  Every president since 1997 has issued an annual proclamation celebrating family caregivers.  Because of the massive interest in family caregivers, NFC Week turned into NFC Month, being celebrated every November.


TakeCare! is the monthly e-newsletter published by CAN available to all family caregivers. The newsletter includes updates on programs as well as tips and articles focused on the caregiver.

Creating the Voice: A Celebration of Family Caregiving

Held in Washington, DC, “Creating the Voice” brings together CAN sponsors, supporters and family caregiving advocates for an evening to celebrate those who have given a voice to the nation’s caregivers. Past honorees include: Senator Elizabeth Dole/The Elizabeth Dole Foundation; TV personality, Leeza Gibbons/Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation; ReACT coalition; Veterans Affairs Caregiver Support Program; Filmmaker Ernesto Quintero; Marian Hamilton/Ken Hamilton Caregiver Center. 

Joint PR Highlights

USA Today -

In March 2013 and again in November 2014, and November 2015, CAN spearheaded a full section insert on family caregiving in USA Today. The weekend issue ran in multiple media markets, provided readers with CAN’s caregiving resources, and reached more than 8 million people. 

Television and Radio PSAs

CAN has partnered with United Healthcare to produce and distribute a comprehensive television and radio caregiving PSA campaign in multiple national markets. The television PSA has aired 12,000 times and reached over 35 million viewers for an ad value of $2.2 million. The radio PSA has been aired to a total audience of more than 165 million.

Caregiving Flipbooks

The “healthy caregiving” flipbook has many of the resources of our website condensed into a pocket-sized laminated booklet. The flipbook is in two versions, one for caregivers generally, and one for military caregivers.  The military version co-branded with the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration has reached tens of thousands of military caregivers with CAN’s caregiving content.

Times Square

During the winters of 2012-13 and 2013-14, CAN was prominently featured on jumbotrons in New York’s Times Square. And in 2015, CAN’s message appeared once again – right where the ball drops!

Lifetime TV

In November 2014, CEO John Schall was a guest on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act discussing aging in place, CAN’s partnership with Clorox Care Concepts, and the resources available to caregivers online. 

Programs with Network Partners

National Medicare Education Week

Since 2012, CAN has partnered with United Healthcare to present National Medicare Education Week. Focused on the 1 in 5 adults in the US who find the Medicare process confusing, NMEW committed to making Medicare easier to understand for the more than 51 million people who are currently enrolled as well as those who will be enrolling in the years ahead.

When Care Comes Home

When Care Comes Home helps caregivers care for their loved ones with getting-started guides, information, advice and solutions for caregiving. was developed by Clorox in partnership with CAN and a Care Council to provide a community based aspect to help caregivers through tough times.


CAN works with our partners to research segments of the caregiving population, explore trends and inform our collective strategies. Whether using CAN’s exhaustive database of caregivers, our representative caregiver panel or advising larger research efforts on data bands and messaging, CAN is also partners on public relations efforts to communicate research findings.  With our partners, CAN has conducted surveys on the overall caregiving demographic, Alzheimer’s caregivers, cancer caregivers, caregivers of special needs Medicare beneficiaries, and many other groups.