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Caregiver Community Action Network (CCAN) Peer Network

What is CCAN?

The Caregiver Community Action Network (CCAN) is a unique and highly dedicated group of over 100 volunteers in more than 40 states. Our CCAN volunteers reach out to family caregivers to provide education and support. They also teach caregivers to be advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

If you are a member of the Caregiver Action Network, we can refer you to a CCAN volunteer who can help you find information and support, and can educate you about issues affecting family caregivers that you may not even be aware of yet.

If you are not a member of CAN, join now! Remember, joining CAN is free, and allows you to take advantage of great benefits – such as referral to a CCAN volunteer.

CCAN volunteers are all current or former family caregivers so you can be assured that they understand – as only a caregiver can – what you are experiencing. In addition to their personal caregiving experience, many of them work in caregiving-related agencies and businesses. We are proud of the fact that CCAN volunteers are a very talented group. They are a source of expert advice for you.

Our CCAN volunteers also regularly attend meetings, conferences, and conventions about family caregiving issues. They serve as presenters, speakers, panelists, and workshop directors.

And you, too, can join this special group and become a CCAN volunteer.

To find out more information about the CCAN program, please contact:

Mark Gibbons
Program Manager
Caregiver Action Network
(202) 454-3970