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My name is Candice and I have been a caregiver for my father Eugene for 10 years now. Dad is 85, he suffers from Diabetes and has a very difficult time walking, his eyesight and hearing are very poor. He needs help with hygene, but won't accept it. I work full time, and also go to nightschool. Dad recently has started to have mental problems and just doesn't understand things like his new insurance policy. I try to help him as much as I can, but he is still trying to be independent and is very difficult and feels that I owe him my life.

Wish List: 
1. Someone to take him out to lunch and visit with him. 2. More patience for myself and a way to give hime peace of mind. 3. A vacation away from the caregiving and not having to worry about Dad while I'm gone. 4. Less red tape to get the help we need without having to be wealthy in order to pay for it. 5. Someone to listen to my complaints and hear my needs.