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National Family Caregivers Month

Caregiver Action Network Leads National Family Caregiver’s Month

National Family Caregivers Month – celebrated each November -- is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country.

Read last year's 2022 Presidential Proclamation

Celebrating Family Caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month enables all of us to:

  • Raise awareness of family caregiver issues
  • Celebrate the efforts of family caregivers
  • Educate family caregivers about self-identification
  • Increase support for family caregivers
  • Reduce feelings of isolation

Caregiver Action Network is the organization that chooses how to celebrate National Family Caregivers Month annually and spearheads the celebration of NFC Month nationally. Each year, Caregiver Action Network makes materials available for general use, including the theme, a social media kit, etc. and coordinates with the Administration for Community Living and organizations across the field.

Caregiver Action Network (the National Family Caregivers Association) began promoting national recognition of family caregivers in 1994. President Clinton signed the first NFC Month Presidential Proclamation in 1997 and every president since has followed suit by issuing an annual proclamation recognizing and honoring family caregivers each November.

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National Family Caregivers Month FAQs

When is National Family Caregivers Month this year?

In 2023, National Family Caregivers Month will begin on Wednesday, November 1, and run through Thursday, November 30.

What is the theme for National Family Caregivers Month 2023?

This year’s theme is #CaregiversConnect.

What are the hashtags for National Family Caregivers Month?

#NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth #NFCMonth #familycaregivers

National Family Caregivers Month Themes Throughout the Years

2023: #CaregiversConnect

2022: #CaregivingHappens


2020: Caregiving in Crisis

2019: #BeCareCurious

2018: Supercharge Your Caregiving

2017: Caregiving Around the Clock

2016: Take Care to Give Care

2015: Respite

2014: Care Comes Home

2013: Family Caregivers – Now More Than Ever

2012: Family Caregivers Matter!

2011: Identifying Family Caregivers

2010: Reach Out for Help!

2009: Speak Up for Your Rights

2008: Speak Up!


National Family Caregivers Month Theme 2023 - #CaregiversConnect

Read Last Year's Presidential Proclamation

NFC Month 2023 #Caregivers Connect