Caregiver Video Resource Center - Listen to Fellow Caregivers

Caregiver Video Resource Center

Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone by listening to the experiences of your fellow caregivers.

Video Topics

Caregivers, mental health professionals, and leading advocates discuss the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.
Vimeo ThumbnailAlzheimer's Disease
Caregivers talk about their discoveries, share care hints and help you feel less alone.
Vimeo Thumbnail Huntington's Disease
Family members share their experiences dealing with Huntington's Disease.
Vimeo Thumbnail Parkinson's Disease
Caregivers describe their journey through Parkinson's Disease.
Vimeo Thumbnail COPD
Listen as a caregiver describes taking on new responsibilities as her husband ages with COPD.
Vimeo ThumbnailHands-On Care
Learn how to best care for your loved one at home.
Vimeo ThumbnailTardive Dyskinesia
Learn how to navigate the unique challenges of caring for your loved one with TD.

Welcome to the Video Resource Center. By listening to the experiences of caregivers who have gone through some of the same things you have, and met with similar challenges, you may find new ways to help your loved one and manage your role as a caregiver. We hope that you will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Alzheimer’s Disease: learn about some of the signs and symptoms that lead to their loved one’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, how Alzheimer’s patients often try to hide their symptoms, suggestions on how to adapt your routine, how to stay connected, find support, new ways to communicate with your loved one, the lesser known behavioral and psychological symptoms that often come along with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and some words of wisdom from those who have been down the same path

Huntington’s Disease: hear how caregivers felt when learning their loved one had the disease, how patients react to a diagnosis, a discussion of whether you should tell people, and thoughts about being testing for the children of parents diagnosed with Huntington’s.  

Parkinson’s Disease: hear about how treatment for Parkinson’s requires a team approach and how your loved one may cope with their diagnosis.

COPD: learn from one caregiver about the responsibilities she’s had to take on since her husband was diagnosed, the new routines they’ve needed to create, and the importance of taking time for yourself.

Schizophrenia: hear from caregivers, mental health professionals, and leading advocates about the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. Caring for someone experiencing serious mental illness has many challenges. You may also want to look at CAN’s Blueprint for Families of Loved Ones with Mental Health Issues.

Hands-on Care: learn how to measure your loved one’s vital signs, help with range of motion exercises, turn and position in bed, and help your loved one with various activities such as bathing and using the bathroom.