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Delia Robinson
Coconut Ckeek
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My name is Delia. I will be 59 in January 12, 2003. I am caring for my wonderful mother Maria Mendoza. She is 93 years old. I have been her caregiver since 1975. My mother has Macula Degeneration, Neuropathy, she has trouble walking and complains about her feet constantly, and she is 100% deaf since she was 40 years old due to ear infections. My mom has had a very, very hard life (my goal is to make her happy).

I work full time and my job requires that I study courses with test passing requirements. I am a little person that struggles to keep my job. I get up at 4:00AM, I take care of my mom the best I can, give her breakfast, eye drops, pills and we pray. I return from work at 4:30PM and try to walk two miles, shower make carrot juice, peel and steam veggies plus other things, feed mom, medicines, massage her feet and take her for a little walk. I try to do all this alternating days. Please keep in mind that we are not on schedule some times it take us 30 Minutes to get ready so we can walk 15 Minutes and while this is happening, I am warned out.
My husband helps me to take care of mom by feeding her luch and watching her during the day. He is retired and he cleans house, does the outside, tries to do grocery shopper, and his laundry but he is limited with my mother.

My family is my husband and mom. We do not have relatives and I could not have children because of my Cancer problems twice. I am very lonely, tired, sad, worry, depress and I am sure my mom feels the same way or worse, and that tears up my heart in pieces making me chuck with tears of emotional pain and sadness because I been longing for so many years to spend time with my mom and take care of her, knowing that she knows that I am there, touching her, caressing her hair and loving her, just to let her know that she is not alone in a soundless and dark world.

Wish List: 
My needs wish is: 1. Prayer, that God in His wonderful grace, give us joy, so we can be strong. 2.I deeply long to stop working outside to take care of my mom’s needs 3.I wish the government instead of sending someone to assist me; will help me financially for me to assist. 4.What can I tell you…I believe in prayer. So please pray for us. God Bless you.