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Deborah Schley
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Taking care of a beloved parent(Helen) is the best job in the world and also terribly isolating and scary. Caregiving uses all of our talents and builds incredible skills- we learn how to get things done and how to protect and enhance another person's life. My mother was 40 when she had children and now I am 49 and she is 89 and we know how lucky we are to be together and enjoy each day we have. We have dealt with a broken hip and pnemonia in the past year and we have been lucky to see her return to studying Spanish and appreciating a good mystery. We receive help from the community in so many ways- including Meals on Wheels (lunches delivered) and help with respite care from Oregon Project Independence.

Wish List: 
1. More financial support that helps her stay at home instead of in an assisted living center. We are rapidly going through our savings. 2.An easy to access ( time and place) support group. 3.I wish people knew more about what we do and could value our work, we are like parents who stay home and we all need to be valued.


Hi Deborah

My name is Diane Hunter, I live in Mansfield Texas. I moved here from Chicago four years ago to be close to my two sister, thinking it would be a good ideal to be around them since I have lived in Chicago for 50 years and always helped mom. Well to my surprise they don't come over or hardly call her. My mother became complete disable six years ago and I also had a bad operation that left me partial disable, but I still care for mom. My mom had ten children and I cannot believe the way they are treating her and me. But I am glad I am not alone, knowing other are in the same place at this time , let me know we was meant to be the one to take care of our parent's. I am now selling my home in  Texas and moving to SC, where my daughter, her husband and my two granddaughter live, they want me and mom to come there and I will buy another house.My mom is 92y/o and I am 58 y/o and will be will mom until the end. Nice talking to you Diane