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Hello, I am new here but not new to caregiving. I care for my 91yr old Mother 24/7. We lost our home of 40 yrs to multiple counts of mortgage fraud in 2014 and had to move from a large city to a small desert town. We were homeless for 2weeks and then the VA came through with Aide & Assistance. In order to qualify Mom must pay me her social security and then the VA kicks some back to her. This has been in place for over 4 yrs. The money she “pays” me pays her rent and some bills and what they give her pays for her supplies and her food and I received food stamps but now they claim I never should have because of the money she “pays” me so they just cut me off completely. I asked why it was ok for 4 yrs and now all of a sudden it’s not.  At the same time our car needed repair to get her to a new dr 40 mins away in the city and after paying for the work it broke down again when the guy was bringing it to me and he had to take it back. I still had to pay. He still has it and is still trying to fix it knowing I can’t pay more. Rented s car to talk her to dr yesterday and they refused when I went to pick it up because of my credit score. I was trying to find a reliable car that I could afford to pay low monthly payments but now I will have to pay out of pocket for my food. How do WE survive to care for our loved ones? When she passes I will instantly be homeless because I can’t build a solid foundation for myself now AND care for her. She has chronic UTIs and no one will find cause or care to treat other than throw antibiotics at her. It affects most over 60 mentally and weakens legs so causes falling. I even made a FB page trying to get people to realize there are people being diagnosed with dementia when it’s UTIs because Drs don’t do s simple urine test. She was on dementia meds for almost 2 yrs before we found out she doesn’t have dementia but bad utis.How do I fight these battles? I am a Christian and I have always lived a life of faith but lately I can’t find it, I can’t find hope. I get judged because I don’t do more but I have nothing left to give. WHAT DO I DO?








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