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Government making things worse

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Hank Anderson
Government making things worse

In Pa My son's TBI and age made it difficult to find a program that would help by paying us to care for him. He needs 24 hr a day care and we did'nt want to put him in a nursing home. Eight yrs later we finally got help. As caregiver pay was for 42 hrs a week. Then last yr. we had to change providers due to changes the state made. Then were informed we would lose $.50 an hr. again due to state laws. Now last week was informed as of Jan. 2015, we will only get paid for forty hrs a week. Costs keep rising yet the state keeps cutting the funds we need to survive! Total loss from when they started changing things will be approx. $142 a month so far.

Hello, My name is Kim. I have
Hello, My name is Kim. I have been caring for both my parents mom alzheimers and dad dementia.For 4 years now. I've Never had any help. Never knew about any of this. well My whole life is taking care of them therefore I can't get a job because no one else will help my parents. can you tell me how you went about getting caregiver pay?Ive heard about that, but dont know how to find it. Im sooooo happy To find other people in my position...