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How Do I Stop Letting My Mom Get To Me?

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How Do I Stop Letting My Mom Get To Me?

Part of the reason I've been dealing with depression since I was 15 is because of my physically nurturing but emotionally abusive mom. Even when my Dad died unexpectedly in 2012 and I had to become my mom's caregiver, she still says abusive things to me. I rarely get a thank you for what I do.

My other family members and some online friends have told me that I need to stop letting my mom ruin my mood but she annoys and angers me so much sometimes.

I thought I had moved past this, but I haven't. I don't know how to stop expecting a thank you from my mom or to not let her upset me. I can't stop being her caregiver because she hates strangers (can't put her in a nursing home or hire someone) and there is no one else nearby that can keep an eye on her.

I guess I feel like if I emotionally let go of my mother, I will be emotionally orphaned. I love my other family members and friends but it's not the same as having a parent around who cares.


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