just about no where/no one tends to fortify what to do about.. | Caregiver Action Network

just about no where/no one tends to fortify what to do about..

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just about no where/no one tends to fortify what to do about..

strength build and evidence resilience with getting the better mindsoar-it truly takes to handle powerfil caregiving-that needs to change: here & now!!, & by so-i'm doing this post/cry out..'r u with me? 

for the sake of lighting fire under my own butt, because: i am sick and tired of NOT HAVING SUPPORT/helping to give to too, AND THAT THAT HELP IS a necessary form of eco system that i KNOW is needed amidst being caregiver for loved/liked ('just being transparent for my psyche health emitwink)i am putting this emittance out across the 'net overall, so from here-i'm starting a reach out-to ask you in this platform: what are you doing about your deprivations-per just the minuted of complaint? and by the extra pay of attention/the deep-resolves?: especially-which seems forever the biggest one: financial! (i'll explain/emit my situation to make for relate)..

i'm a lone caregiver (which comprises me to be a trying house mgr (needing to build bankroll-to HIRE one (house mgr) to help us..again, i'll give a kind of focus to that in just a minute!) :'daughter to my parent who has stroke survive since 2016, and we have a dog as support-whom i'm ever-so the greatful for by the daily (he's 16 yrs in earth count=112 in dog years!) we're together in a house we own (no having to rent-truly thank God! ) i'm in the situation of wearing several hats at once=which is for all 3 of us: food gather: shop/cook/give mom, myself & dog: our meds, pay household bills/maintain car function(s) reach out & train as a student/enterprise building systems to result: gather of ppl and tangibles-to press into an amalgamation of presence to deploy expedite of a few volumes of offerings=monetization intent vast (especially the truth emit-from my having just started to necessarily develop a home based business-bcsd from: not being able to pull traditional work exchanged/performed in trade for pay (honestly-no grift/punk/hack of cyphening ppl OR being cyphened myself..truly trust me thr-if one tries to do that, it gets one into BIG trouble (called: karma..it doesn't miss and it is awesome of accurate!! if one is at all corrupting with push around, etc..in SPADES-'promise!!) you can figure my situation is: by the long story short-that i am stretched and stressed..currently, and to win better life-quality put through it-i do have to have in actuate from practice/habit form-an extensive mindsoar..to get solidly in align with having that better quality of life/put stave in the ground over so-bcs only complaining how i'm not intentioning it in-will not work!! IF this is true for you (too), then let's here from you. i'm carrying on regardless!! thanks!


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