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Looking for a caregiver

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Looking for a caregiver

Hi ,

    I’m looking for a caregiver for my 81 year old mom.Good communication skill in English is required. Should work from Monday to friday. Caregivers must have a minimum experience of 2 years. Job responsibilities include driving her to and from hospital, taking her to walks. She is partially paralysed and someone should always accompany her. I need live-in nannies who have prior experience in dealing with elders and should always accompany her. Never let her feel alone. She had once fallen into depression while she stayed alone at home . She is really lovable and friendly. Dealing with her won’t be much difficult.I'm planning to consult Diamondpersonnel. Will they provide me the best service. Please share your experiences with them…. Thanks in advance

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Not sure about the communication skill in English and their working hours, otherwise I have heard of this assisted living senior care services, Prestige Care, Bridgewood. Their nursing and rehabilitaion services might meet your requirements. Don't have any first hand experience or further details.