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Veteran Husband On Hospice Dying

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Veteran Husband On Hospice Dying

<div>We live in bullhead city, arizona and been married nine years as of Jan 1 2016 Pat my husband served in the army and now at home on hospice i am also his caregiver we have no family or friends i am also on facebook. My husband was sick when we got married but moving to arizona has made him worse he has agent orange and &nbsp;chronic obstructive lung disease i have begged for support and help i am so worried, scared,afraid,lonely i went as far as going on line and talking to someone for veterans crisis line and nothing i got so many calls and them ended up the same i even talked to someone at the veterans affairs Crisis Coordinator was told they don't help veterans spouses i am tired of being tired i am so worried about our pets and what&nbsp; will happen to me and alone coping and trying to deal with my husband dying please pray for me and looking to chat and meet new friends.</div>

Prayers sent. I'm so sorry to
Prayers sent. I'm so sorry to hear that you do not have support. That is scary. My husband (30 yrs in July) has been hospitalized since Aug. Many times I was to to prepare myself. He wasn't expected to make it. We still have a rough ahead. Short term they think now he'll pull through this event but beyond that the prognosis is poor. No family. No friends. The nurse sometimes brought me a warm blanket. I had always heard positive things re hospice care. Is there someone else there you could speak with? How are you pets? I find our 4 cats a great source of comfort. I don't get to see them much as I spend so much time as the hospital. A pet sitter watches them when I can't be there.