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where are the resources??

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where are the resources??

I am the mother of a 26 yr old daughter with Downs Syndrome/Autism. I am at my wits end. I can't hold onto a job do to the cost and care it takes for my daughter. I can't afford to hire anyone. My minimum wage job does not cover someone getting paid close to nothing to completely care for her. She has several seizures a day and is incontinent. How many volunteers to clean her several times a day?? Where are the financial resources to help with the parents who want to stay home and care for their loved ones. Agencies pay for respite and for care givers but where is the help for the moms who want to continue to care for their children???

Hey Exhausted,
Hey Exhausted, Saw your post about resources for your daughter and you. I am sorry you are having those issues. I have a few ideas for you. 1. Does your daughter get social security/disability? If not, she needs to immediately and that will help offset the cost of your job and maybe help provide some relief for you. 2. Care.com has people for hire like caregivers and babysitters for $10 and under sometimes. I know you can't afford it all the time, but it may provide some help if they go 1 or 2 hours per day. Especially if you get income from her. 3. Find a support system through your hospital. Most of the time there are people there you can form bonds with and you guys can help each other. 4. I finally couldn't handle working and my mother. It was taking such a mental toll on me and I was able to qualify for mental disability for a little why to take a mental break. If you have short term disability through work, it may be something to check into. I hope this helps...and I am willing to help however I can. Courtney