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Any suggestions?

Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and wanted to just throw in my suggestion based on some input I've seen from other users. Last day I bumped into an article ( ) which cites how Montana Health Care Association are conducting local senior living organization Music program for the Alzheimer's diagnosed senior people. The thing I liked the most about it is the intention of conducting such program. It was all aimed to honor the power of music to soothe agitation, uplift spirits and alleviate communication barriers for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In such a mode  would like to know what kind of music genre usually these people love? Is it classical, electronic, easy listening, retro or something else?

Any Suggestions - Music

As to what kind of music people respond best to, it has been found that it is usually the music that was like the top 40 when they were growing up, also known as the formative years.. Some may also like and respond to music you would never think of.  For example, the Moody Blues were really big when I was geowsing up.  If I am feeling overwhelmed, depressed, lost, the music of that group will turn things around.  For some reason, Gregorian Chant relaxes me like none other and seems to soothe me.  The music will change as you work with different age groups.  for more information, you can contact the group I belonged to, The National Association of Music Therapists.

You know, I create music and

You know, I create music and often perform at charity events. I also recently started using the SoundCloud Promotion platform. It was from here that many people learned about my songs and even began to invite me to concerts.


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