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Does not listen

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Does not listen

I have started working as a caregiver for a 70 year old who is suffering from Alzheimer. Recently she has started sneezing all through the night. I took her to a doctor who said that it will probably be due to dust allergy and asked me to try changing the pillows from the ordinary one to health protector pillow but she is listening to me. No matter how much I try she doesn't allow me to change her pillow. One day I tried to hide her pillow but then she threw a fit till I gave her back the old pillow. And on top of that the sneezing is becoming worse now and last night she also had a breathing problem. Please help me out here. What should I do to make her change the pillow?

You could try an allergen

You could try an allergen-reducing pillowcase... They're usually made from a microfiber cloth that block the dust. I hope this helps!