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I want a paycheck

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lawrence kellerman
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I want a paycheck

Me 100% disabled vet taking care of my brother. 3 years since I took on this role, recently found out I could get paid. I can walk, talk,drive. My brother has lost both legs above knees. I taught myself the tricks of the trade, got him a power wheel chair, home meals, doctors, Social Security Income and some more. He can bathe, fix food, but can't walk. For 24/7/365 I have been at it. Did get some type of home aide, but had to fire quite a few because they did nothing, just wanted their time ticket signed. They took advantage of my brother and me. They had no concern, I do all the cleaning, errands, doctor visits for him. It makes me jealous that they get money and I don't. There are 5 other family members that do nothing. Not to brag but without me it would a nursing home for him. And I get a lot of mental abuse from him at times. I usually call the VA caregiver hot line to vent and when I see him asleep I realize that he's at our mercy. I am so frustrated about how the State of Georgia and their programs speak about all of what they do when in fact they don't even meet the minimum level of their mission. Me, my brother, 4 cats, fixed income << $19k, rent at $700, more food, utilities, meds, transport, with little disposable income. Why can't I get paid to do what others are paid to do but don't. I asked local Area on Aging to no avail. I don't have a life outside of my tasks. If he was a veteran it would be different. All my trials and tribulations along with the mental anguish, frustration you can't imagine how educated this 10th grade dropout/draftee is now. When all gets me to the breaking point, I  just remember the song, He's not heavy, he's my brother, listen and you will see what I mean. Thank you for letting me babble, after all I was just saying. See ya.

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Caregiver pay....

I'm not familiar with caregiver pay, but have heard it differs by state.  I found this article on it through AARP:


Maybe it will help. 

caregiver pay

hello can i get paid to taken care of my mental challenged cousin? i am his overseer over his check and i learned through family and freinds that i could get paid for taking care of him.i have a letter from his dr stating i cannot work because he cannot be unattended.please send me a response on how i go about this thank you very much     shannon501