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Loss of appetite and losing weight

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Loss of appetite and losing weight

My mother's appetite has decreased and it's difficult to get her to eat well.  She prefers only soft foods like soup and mashed potatoes.  She needs more nutrition than these foods have to offer. She has been losing weight at a fast rate and it's getting difficult to find foods that will satisfy her taste.  Everyone in the family is concerned for her well-being and a little worried.  Does anyone know what can be done with my mother's changed tastes?

Loss of appetite and losing weight

My mother had the same issues. She lived on Boost nutritional drink while on hospice. She liked the strawberry flavor and had at least three a day. She also liked avocados, mashed potatoes, soup, noodles, rice and potato salad. Hope this helps!


My grandmother had the same

My grandmother had the same issue too bad she didn't recover and she died, maybe she was too old then that's why. Bring your mother in some expert physicians so that you will be advised what to do and she will be given supplements for her appertite and proper care.

Try to give her food in

Try to give her food in liquid format. When people have turned old, their body turns weak. So it is during that time they must eat food. Their food must contain all the listed below things.