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Breaking Point

Hello all,  I have been caring for my mom who is experiencing Somatic Symptom Disorder.  She believes that she is very ill and refuses to get out of bed or eat.  She has been extensively evaluated medically and there are no true clinical issues.  This has happened several times over the past few years and she has been able to overcome it.  However, this time the delusions are very persistent and I cannot get through to her.  She calls and texts me constantly telling me that she is about to stop breathing.   I'm also a mom to 2 young children and I work 60+ hours per week.  I'm exhausted, overwhelmed and increasingly depressed.   Does anyone have thoughts about what boundaries would be reasonable to put in place?  I love my mom, but it won't help either of us if I break down.  Thank you.  

Be Strong!

Always take care of your mother; there is no one else who can assist her. You are a really strong person; I know it is exhausting for you, but keep going. I will pray for your mother's healing, and I hope that she will be cured soon so that all of you can be happy. Take it. Sending hugs