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Drained Dad

I have spent the last few years supporting my kid as he has gone in and out of rehab for alcoholism. I know he has a long road ahead and I want to continue to be there for him, but I feel completely drained - like I don't have anymore to give. How can I recharge, so I can be there for us both?

Just continue to think

Just continue to think positive and don't lose hope. Just think that your son will be in a better state and don't forget to always pray.

Having someone to talk to and

Having someone to talk to and discuss your issues might help. How's your son doing now?

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To Drained Dad

I am a single Dad with two daughters with special needs (20 y.o. autistic, and a 14 y.o. w/ bi-polar, ADHD, and chronic migraines) and also trying to keep my full-time job (but not sure I'm succeeding at that), along with juggling numerous appointments. So I know the feeling of being burnt out. There's no silver bullet, but what I've found is helpful is journaling -- but not just one entry to cover the day, several little blurbs (a couple sentences) throughout the day -- for both good and bad things.

I know it may seem cliche, but writing stuff down helps to get in touch with what you're feeling at that point in time and understand it better. Instead of things being this whirlwind of feelings and emotions swirling around chaotically, it gives you the chance to order them, put words to them, and be circumspect about them.

Hope this helps.