Need to find housing but he's not capable of taking care

Need to find housing but he's not capable of taking care of himself

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Need to find housing but he's not capable of taking care of himself

Hello, my family has been dealing with my dad's brain injury since 2013. He had an aneurysm and has since turned into a completely different person.

He has developed a gambling problem, has stolen money and been arrested because of this new addiction. 

He has no regard for himself or his surroundings. He doesn't clean up after himself, his apartment is disgusting, he doesn't do laundry, clean or anything. He doesn't take care of himself and has completely let himself go. He wasn't paying his rent for months before his brother and ex-wife took over the rent payments, so he's been evicted from his apartment.

His credit has plummeted, he has a nonviolent felony on his record, and if he ends up in a roommate situation I don't feel he would live respectfully with that person (clean up, keep the place nice, etc).

He isn't mentally unhealthy enough for our family to force him to get help, but he's not mentally healthy enough to take care of himself. His doctors have tried to refer him to neurologists and psychologists, but he just lies to us and says that they say he's fine.

I don't know what to do to get him housing. Right now he's just staying night by night in hotels until we can figure out a longer-term solution.

Has anyone dealt with this type of situation? Is there anything we can do to force him to get help even though he's not 'an immediate danger to himself or others?' Does anyone have any ideas for housing?

Please let me know when you can, thank you.

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hes not stable

Ask the local PD to do a well being check and tell them you think hes having Mental health issues- theyll probably section him - requiring him to be in a Psych hospital for a minimum of 72 hours- during which time you can chat wth the docs and advise he isnt stable on his own- they will help find hm a place to live like a residential hospital hopefully.

By not taking care of himself he IS a danger to himself.

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