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Who can I talk to?

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Who can I talk to?

My oldest child, 17 years old, was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. I noticed the signs about a year ago and it was long, difficult process to get us to an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment. He's out of the woods for now (so to speak) but I am still struggling. I'm a single parent and have nobody to talk to, because I am afraid of what they'll say about me and my son. I've never felt more alone.

post on mental illness after a year

<p>I'm very new to this caregiver site.&nbsp; Have you heard of NAMI (national alliance for mental illness)? Where I live there was a local chapter and I hope you live near a place where one exists.&nbsp; Go online and there are tons of information, videos, blogs etc... I wish when I was first diagnosed as a young adult I had used it. While I am relatively ok I think my life might have been better and more mother might have had a clue of what I was dealing with if we had had more support.&nbsp; I hope this helps even though you left a post a few years back.</p>